Neon Psychedelic Swirl Nail Art

For this nail design all that is needed is a cup of distilled room temperature water, pump hairspray or alcohol, and nail polish.

1. Paint all nails with a base color, I used China Glaze - Shocking Pink

2. Let dry completely

3. Apply tape around your finger to make cleanup easier

4. Fill a plastic cup with room temperature distilled water 

5. Add 1-3 drops of a darker polish to the water, I used OPI - I Saw...U Saw...We Saw...Warsaw

6. Spray the surface of the water with a pump hairspray or alcohol in a pump sprayer

7. Spray closely to the water 1-2 times

8. Dip finger in water, remove excess polish from the surface of the water then slowly bring your finger out of the water.

9. Remove tape, cleanup around your nail and apply topcoat

10. Repeat

11. Add nail studs to your other nails (optional)

Thanks so much for reading!

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