3D Snow Globe Acrylic Nails


I saw this on Denisejohn65's channel and I just had to recreate it!

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First, I glued on a clear square nail tip

Next, I  used the reverse technique and applied cover pink to the nail bed area

I apply a holographic gold and holographic red glitter to the tip.

(I added clear acrylic to the glitter)

I apply gel top coat

To make the globe:

I dipped a glass dropper into the container of builder gel and I let the excess gel drip off.

I continuously spun the dropper bottle so the gel would level out and not collect all in one place.

Then I quickly cured it under a UV light, still turning the bottle as it cures.

I spray a lint free wipe with cleanser to remove the tacky layer from the gel and gently pull the globe off from the rubber tip of the dropper bottle.

I also cleaned out the inside of the globe with cleanser, as well.

Next, I fill it with snowflakes and glitter

Using a skinny drill bit I drill a small hole so I can fill it with oil later.

I create a gel base and glue it onto the globe

I seal the edges except for the hole with a dry bead of acrylic

Next, I fill it with baby oil, leaving an air bubble so the glitter can float around

I glue the globe onto my nail

Next I glue on a rhinestone chain around the globe, leaving a gap

I fill the gap with the same holographic gold glitter mix

Watch the full tutorial below

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