Distressed Galaxy Nails

*Press Sample

Hi everyone!

I really am obsessed with anything galaxy and of course I had to do another galaxy mani!

I am crazy about how these distressed galaxy nails turned out!

Let's get started!

I applied a dark blue polish to all of my nails

For the galaxy nail

I sponged on white polish in a loose 's' shape

I added a light blue around the edges of the white

I sponged a bright pink on top of the white

I drew a few sparkles with a thin nail art brush and white acrylic paint

Once everything was dry I added a holographic top coat for added sparkle

For the distressed nails

Using a light blue polish I used the dry brush technique, I removed most of the polish from the brush by wiping it on the inside of the bottle.

Next, I swiped the brush on my nail in an up and down motion

I repeated this method with a bright a polish

I applied top coat to all of my nails

Thanks so much for reading!

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