Esmaltes Da Kelly Stamping Plates Review

Hi everyone!

I recently received a few nail stamping plates from Esmaltes da Kelly!

I'm sure some of you are familiar with her line of nail polishes and stamping polishes.

Now, she has released a large set of nail stamping plates.

I was sent two stamping plates to review from Beautometry

As always, you need to remove the blue protective film from the plates before use.

The corns of these plates are cut at an angle, I think, to help in making it easier to remove the blue film. I know. I struggle sometimes with removing the blue film from other stamping plates, so this definitely helps.

Right off the bat, my favorite plate is the succulent/floral plate, I just love florals!

The second plate is a earth/fire themed plate. It has a world image, a few fire images, and a few flowery pattern images.

Next, are the swatches!

These plates are really deeply etched and they transferred beautifully!

I used Mundo de Unas Black stamping polish and UberChicBeauty's XL sticky stamper to swatch the images.

I really love the succulent images, they're so cute!

If you're interested in buying these plates, you can use my code DGN10EDK to save 10% off on Beautometry!

Thanks so much for reading!

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