Valentine's Water Marble Nail Art

Hi everyone!

I have some really cool Valentine's Day Water Marble Nail Art to share with you

I started by painting my thumb, middle and ring nail with a white polish

I applied a red polish on my index and pinky nail.

I filled a cup with room temperature tap water and began dropping the polishes in the water.

I used red, pink, and clear polish for the water marble.

I chose to water marble with clear polish because I didn't want the other colors to bleed on to the white.

Once I had my bulls eye built up I dragged my design with a dotting tool.

I applied tape around my nail to help with clean up

I dipped my finger in the cup and removed excess polish from the water with  a q tip

I slowly removed my finger from the water and removed the tape

I applied top coat to all my nails

I painted 2 heart shaped studs with the same pink I used to water marble and adhered them with nail 

Thanks so much for reading!

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