Easter Checkered Print Nail Art Design

Hi everyone!

I only did my nails once for Easter, I was so busy!

I really love how these nails turned out!

I applied a white polish to my thumb nail, a light pink to my index nail, a nude polish to my middle nail, a white polish to my ring nail and a coral polish to my pinky nail.

I printed out a cute easter checkered print design I found online onto clear decal paper.

I cut out the decal and placed it in to water for 20 seconds

I placed the decal on top of completely dried polish and pressed it down

I painted two oval nail studs with a nude polish

I applied a fast drying top coat to all of my nails

I placed the two studs on my nail with nail glue

I placed two iridescent bows on my middle nail with nail glue

Thanks so much for reading!

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