Coachella Nail Art Design

*Press Sample

Hi everyone!

I wanted to do my nails for Coachella, I didn't attend because being in 100 degree heat surrounded by thousands of people is totally not my thing haha. I prefer to stay at home in my air conditioned home and do my nails!

Let's get started!

I applied a white polish to all of my nails except my ring nail

I made a gradient on all of my other nails

I applied a light blue polish, a light turquoise polish and a cream colored polish on a sponge and dabbed it on to my nail in an up and down motion to get a perfect gradient.

I repeat this step 3-4 times on each nail to get the gradient completely opaque.

I applied a full nail wrap from NCLA on my ring nail

I found a cute image online with the words "I'd rather be at Coachella" and I printed it on clear decal paper.

I cut out the decal, placed it in to water for 10 seconds, removed it from the water and slid it off of the paper backing then I placed it on my nail.

I applied top coat to all of my nails

I added two silver bows with nail glue on my index and pinky nails.

Thanks so much for reading

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